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Matchstick Shades

Welcome to our site. You can find out every information about matchstick shades or blinds here. If you have been confused about the different terms and need specific guides, you have come to the right place. It is recommended that you read every article here carefully.

Matchstick shades are actually woven wood shades. They both carry the same meaning. In addition, the term matchstick blinds is not what it seems to be. In reality, they are actually matchstick shades. Although blinds and shades are different, people often use them interchangeably.

Difference between shades and blinds

Both of them serve the same purpose, providing you with a window covering or window treatment. Their differences are the structures and how they work.

Blinds are made from many parallel slats. How to use blinds? You adjust the angle of the slats by pulling the liner (string). This way, the rotated slats will close altogether and block out light source. The entire blind still remains in its position. Only the individual slats rotate.

Shades have all their slats joined together, forming a flat surface. Therefore, you can't rotate these slats. How to use shades? If you pull the liner (string), the entire shade rolls up or down.

Important: Chances are, if you arrive at this site, you had probably searched for matchstick blinds. Actually they are matchstick shades. But it is fine. Let's use the term matchstick shades for the sake of better understanding.

Benefits and features

Slats for matchstick shades are smaller. Smaller slats mean you can stack the blind smaller and have more privacy (darkens the room more and prevent visibility). They are far lighter too.

Do you like the country feeling? Do you have wooden furniture? Match them with match stick shades! Perhaps you need to attune yourself to nature. Now you can with matchstick shades. These shades are specially made from natural wood which gives you a great feel for outdoor. This way, you can enjoy the "wilderness" at the comfort of your own home. It especially stacks nicely with home interior designs which are based on country, even if you are living in a metropolitan city.

If you are living in the coastal area, you must install matchstick shades! Imagine waking up in the morning with the beautiful sunrise and rolling up the shades. When you live near the beach, you can never go wrong with matchsticks. Use it for your patio too.

In general, shades can cool your room. They do this very well by insulating the sun rays from outside.

Matchstick shades are mostly brown in color. You can find variations of brown colors, depending on the manufacturer. This ranges from beige to dark brown with different textures and finishing.

Since people like to use them to create Zen-like environments, you can too. You can especially use them for meditation purposes in your room.

You can buy them in top down-bottom up and cordless versions. In the former, you can allow some light to enter but still maintain privacy. For the latter, you don't need to use any cords. Simply push them up the window.

The only downside is its see-through visibility. If you turn the light on, people from outside could see what's going on inside due to the mini gaps in the shades. But don't worry. You can solve this problem easily by mounting a lining on the matchstick shades that reduces visibility.

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